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The next best thing to your natural teeth.

dental implants help maintain bone

Dental Implants Help Maintain  Bone

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Helps preserve and maintain healthy jawbone

  • Can replace single or multiple teeth

  • Restores chewing function

  • Can floss between teeth

  • Very natural and lifelike appearance

  • Attaches securely and permanently "fuses" with your bone

  • Does not affect neighboring teeth like traditional bridges


What is a Dental Implant?

dental implants

Implant Body



A dental implant is a surgical grade titanium screw that replaces the tooth root and serves as a foundation to replace a tooth/teeth.

There are three parts to a dental implant:

Implant Body - this is the foundation.  It is placed in the jaw and acts as the anchor.

Abutment - this is the connection between the implant body and the crown

Crown - this is the part you see, the visible portion in the mouth. It can also be a bridge that spans multiple implants.

How does the dental implant process work and what are the steps?

x-ray of dental implant

There are three steps to a dental implant:

  • Placement of the implant into the jawbone

  • Impression for the abutment and crown

  • Attaching the crown and abutment to the implant body

How long does the dental implant process take?

Single implants and implant bridges typically take 4-6 months from start to finish.

  • Implant Body is placed and allowed to "fuse" with jawbone for 3-4 months.

  • Uncovering of the implant and gums allowed to "take shape" for 2 weeks.

  • Impressions are made for the new abutment and crown. 7-14 days.

  • Placement of your new crown!

For some this process may take longer. There are several factors like bone quality and quantity and sinus location which may require additional procedures prior to implant body placement.

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