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When we say these procedures can change your life we mean if having an unattractive smile affects you or you have broken or decayed teeth causing you discomfort, this is how it can change your life. When we say teeth in 48 hours, we mean in almost all cases. This only refers to qualified patients based on a full examination and radiographs, not all patients will qualify. Every patient is an individual, and complexities involved in each case can vary. Some of these complexities may include:

  • Thin, soft, and inadequate bone structure

  • Existing implant removal

  • Sinus lifts and Bone Grafting

  • The need for additional implants

  • Additional surgical procedures following initial procedure

  • Tori removal

  • Gummy Smile

  • Heavy or misaligned bite

Although, 95% of patients qualify for same-day implants and can have their initial workup and procedure in one day, including additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafting, then have their final prostheses delivered within 24 hours after surgery, in rare cases involving severe bone loss, implant removal, or conditions listed above, the initial workup and all procedures are still performed in one day, but patients may leave with a removable provisional prosthesis and the permanent prostheses to be placed at the next visit.


When we refer to a national competitor "not having a lab" it refers to teeth in a day offices that do traditional denture conversions for temporary prosthesis and send out on multiple visits to the outside lab to fabricate final prosthesis. When we say we are doing what other offices cannot do we mean the ability in many cases in 48 hours to fabricate an all digitally design custom build one piece telescoping bridge that fits over a custom milled titanium bar not giving a patient a temporary prosthesis. It is our opinion, not a published scientific paper. Opinion 1: 4 implants are the minimum number of implants to support bridge, if one fails, bridge has to be redone. By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread, in many cases we can lose two implants and still have a functioning bridge. The number of implants placed will be based on your quality of bone. Opinion 2: By placing six implants we are distributing less force on each implant when they are integrating and during the life of each implant, lessening chance of failure. Please do your own research. Our research shows there are only a handful of offices to offer this in the United States. Opinion 3: Our statement of average cost by national competitor is based on findings online. Payment plans are based on credit approval, not all patients will be approved. 

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the practices of the 1st Choice Dental Centers and its affiliates.  We will use the personal information we collect for internal use only.  We will never sell your information.  We will use the information you provide to contact you regarding certain services and products we offer.   At any time you may opt out. Click for more information.

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