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Is Getting Final Teeth Fast A Good Idea?
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There are several offerings for "Final Set Of Teeth In A Day" and "Final Zirconia in A Week", but this isn't always a good idea.  Here are some things to consider:  

After the initial implant placement on surgery day your gums will be swollen for several days.  It is at this time that records are made to make your final set of teeth fast.  There is a 90-120 day healing period that takes place and during this time your bone is remodeling and any surgery day swelling is resolving.  After this healing period, your implants should be anchored and your tissues will have shrunk back.  What does this mean?  It means your final set of teeth that were delivered within the first week of healing, were built to your swollen gums.  Now that your body has healed and the tissues have shrunk back, your new teeth will have a big space underneath.

final teeth fast is not a good idea

Notice the amount of space between the final set of upper teeth delivered next day and the gums.

What if you don't love your new smile?  Having a final set of teeth placed fast means you don't have time to adjust to your new teeth and since they are finals, there are no changes that can be made.  

By allowing your body to heal and obtaining records after healing for your final set of teeth,  your new smile will fit to the gums as they should.  There should always be some space underneath to allow for water and air so that you can properly cleanse them, but esthetically most don't want a huge visible space!

Also, by healing in a transitional set of teeth, you can get used to your new smile.  After the healing period if changes want to be made, they can!  

If you are not concerned with esthetics as much as function and you just want a final set of teeth fast, then it could be a good solution.  You may need a reline later and if there are any issues with implants during the healing phase, a new set may need to be fabricated.

all on 4 hybrid

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